September 22, 2021

Scottish new-build market is thriving after strong performance throughout pandemic year

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By James Lockett

Research by the new-build snagging and defect management experts, HouseScan, shows that the Scottish new-build market has enjoyed steady and reliable price growth throughout the past pandemic year, with South Ayrshire and nearby Glasgow leading the way. 

Since the start of 2020, the Scottish new-build market has put in an impressive performance, with new-build house prices climbing 8.7% to £229,159 across the nation.

Spearheading this growth is South Ayrshire where the average new-build price is up from £186,974 to £215,824 in the year, a boost of 15.4%. This is closely followed by the City of Glasgow where new-build house prices have climbed 14.5% to £210,662.

Just up the road, in Inverclyde, new-build prices have increased by 13.2% annually, followed by Perth & Kinross (12.5%). Rounding off the top five Scottish new-build price growth hotspots is Moray, in the north of the country, where prices have risen by 11.7%.

At the other end of the table, the cities of Aberdeen and Edinburgh have enjoyed slower but still positive annual growth, with prices rising by 1.3% and 4.3% respectively. Despite slower growth, Edinburgh is still home to the most expensive new-build prices in Scotland, at an average value of £332,900.  

And, despite growth rates being relatively low, Edinburgh continues to be Scotland’s most active new-build market, ranking number one in terms of total new-build sales volume. Since the start of the pandemic, there have been 865 new-build sales in Edinburgh, accounting for 10.3% of total market activity across Scotland. 

Close behind in the number two spot is Glasgow, Scotland’s most populous city, where 757 new-build sales account for 9% of the national total. Completing the top five are South Lanarkshire (589 sales), North Lanarkshire (578 sales), and East Lothian (526 sales). 

Founder and Managing Director of HouseScan, Harry Yates, commented:

“The Scottish housing market is experiencing a period of boom and the country has become an increasingly popular house hunting destination for a number of reasons.

Open space, beauty, and affordable house prices have helped drive Scotland’s recent market successes and many homebuyers are looking to the new-build sector when climbing the Scottish property ladder. 

Building a strong and capable infrastructure is a vital part of national growth and the new-build sector will continue to play a central role in this progression across Scotland in the years to come.”

New-build average price change (March 2020 to February 2021)
LocationNB ave price – March 2020NB ave price – February 2021Change £Change %
South Ayrshire£186,974£215,824£28,85015.4%
City of Glasgow£183,996£210,662£26,66614.5%
Perth and Kinross£258,493£290,767£32,27512.5%
Argyll and Bute£152,727£169,905£17,17711.2%
East Lothian£290,594£322,980£32,38611.1%
Dumfries and Galloway£178,714£198,526£19,81111.1%
South Lanarkshire£196,346£217,545£21,19910.8%
East Ayrshire£139,190£153,703£14,51310.4%
East Renfrewshire£302,084£329,312£27,2289.0%
West Dunbartonshire£198,819£216,075£17,2568.7%
Scottish Borders£187,102£203,238£16,1368.6%
North Lanarkshire£159,342£172,952£13,6108.5%
North Ayrshire£116,675£126,370£9,6958.3%
West Lothian£233,102£251,038£17,9367.7%
City of Dundee£157,332£169,280£11,9487.6%
East Dunbartonshire£280,956£299,636£18,6806.6%
City of Edinburgh£319,135£332,900£13,7664.3%
City of Aberdeen£240,563£243,746£3,1831.3%
New build sales volume (March 2020 to Feburary 2021)
LocationNB sales volume – Mar 2020 to Feb 2021Proportion of overall NB sales volume
City of Edinburgh86510.3%
City of Glasgow7579.0%
South Lanarkshire5897.0%
North Lanarkshire5786.9%
East Lothian5266.2%
West Lothian4795.7%
City of Aberdeen3654.3%
Perth and Kinross2873.4%
City of Dundee2493.0%
East Renfrewshire2042.4%
North Ayrshire1531.8%
East Ayrshire1361.6%
East Dunbartonshire1161.4%
South Ayrshire1141.4%
Scottish Borders861.0%
Argyll and Bute770.9%
West Dunbartonshire750.9%
Dumfries and Galloway480.6%


Notes : – 

–          Founder of HouseScan and BuildScan, Harry Yates, comes from a family background of construction and also holds a Construction Management degree. 

–          Having done the basics of the job for a number of years, Harry launched HouseScan four years ago, then started introducing his bespoke technology in 2020 to fulfil the snagging process properly. 

–          HouseScan is the new build snagging experts, using their knowledge, expertise and equipment to ensure your new home is as it was promised. 

–          HouseScan has been employed by thousands of customers buying new build homes from a wide range of different housebuilders. 

–          The HouseScan inspection and report is not only award-winning but more comprehensive than any of their competitors. HouseScan keeps up to date with all industry changes and regulations and they are also equipped with a range of equipment totalling over £4000 each. 


–          BuildScan is a multi-platform app that allows users to manage defects, snag lists, punch lists, surveys and project workflow in full synchronisation and with unlimited collaboration. Teams or individual users can manage entire projects through BuildScan, assigning and controlling tasks, workflow and much more for effective construction defect management.

–          With BuildScan you can break your projects down into sites, plots and build stages for easy project management, log unlimited snags & defects straight into the BuildScan app, assign these defects as tasks to individuals & contractors within your team, manage and track progress throughout all stages of your project, create, manage & export snagging & inspection reports directly from the app

–          BuildScan launched on the 3rd November 2020.


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