December 10, 2023

Savannah United Church Celebrates Mother’s Day

IMG_0174AwebIf you were a “mother”, it certainly was a good day to be in Church at Savannah United 11 May 2014. The men were in charge of the service and also the Mother’s Day “feast” afterwards.

The “Male Voices” were in fine form, leading the singing of the hymns as well as performing a choral anthem “ Heaven is in My Heart”. During the offering, Coulson Daniels gave a beautiful rendition of “Mothers are a Gift of God”.

Erika Rockett-McBean and the Youth Band performed their own version of “All of Me” which they specially adapted for mothers. Some of the lyrics were met with much laughter and enthusiasm and their performance was given the applause that it deserved.

The prayers, scripture readings, music, and sermon made all the “mothers” feel loved and appreciated.

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To add to the pleasure of the day, the men had organised a wonderful brunch. The hall was beautifully decorated with large round tables and tall cocktail style tables covered with colourful tablecloths. The “endless” array of food was displayed on several tables throughout the hall, thus eliminating the usual buffet style lineups.

A wonderful celebration of Mother’s Day.

Photos: Colleen McGaw


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