April 14, 2021

Saturday Night Live in GT

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Cayman: “Saturday Night Live in GT” Brings Life Back to Capital After Hours

  • First Saturday Night Live in George Town event attracted attention on Saturday, 3 August.
  • Attendees enjoyed local music and food in Hog Sty Bay.

GRAND CAYMAN (GIS) – The first monthly Saturday Night Live in George Town event drew crowds to Hog Sty Bay on Saturday, 3 August.

            A concept from the George Town Revitalisation Initiative (part of the Ministry of Commerce, Planning and Infrastructure), the event offered a lively and vibrant waterfront experience to a diverse number of attendees; old and young rubbed shoulders alongside visitor and Caymanian throughout the evening.

            Food vendors including Jay’s Food Box, Agave, Burger Shack, Da Fish Shack, Sharkeez and Gelato and Co. lined up to tempt attendees and entice passing traffic to stop in. Those who did sampled everything from tacos to Cayman-style beef with breadfruit nachos, served to a soundtrack of live music.

            Attendee Henry Warnock-Smith said he was pleased to see some “buzz” to George Town on a weekend evening.

            “This time of year can feel really quiet on island,” Mr. Warnock-Smith explained, adding: “it’s great to see there’s still plenty going on; that people can come out and support local vendors and musicians on a beautiful evening like this.”       

Saturday Night Live in George Town is the brainchild of George Town Revitalisation Coordinator Colin Lumsden, who explains the event is just one part of a strategy geared towards bringing life and vibrancy back to the city.

            “A proud and vibrant capital shouldn’t quieten down once the offices close and the cruise ship visitors depart,” he says.

            He clarifies that the project’s priorities also emphasise “sustainability and quality of life for the George Town community, promoting walkability and connectivity for people, diversifying downtown through mixed-use zoning and providing affordable housing and transportation options to people.”

            One of the top concerns for the revitalisation effort is the drive to increase green space in the capital, through the construction of “pocket parks” or mini green areas dotted across the revitalisation area. 

            The Initiative is seeking stakeholder and public consultation to craft viable solutions and recommendations, which will eventually be implemented through policy and systems, working with both the natural and built environment. 

The next event, a live Street Food Festival, will take place on Saturday, 21 September from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. on Cardinal Avenue.

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