December 3, 2021

Royal Navy doctor visits Cayman Islands Hospital

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Ship 52 ss Ship 56 ss Ship 60 ss Ship robot 70 ssSurgeon Lieutenant Sophie Hawkes, Royal Navy, was treated to a tour of Cayman Islands Hospital operations today, as part of the itinerary for officers and crew from the visiting vessel HMS Argyll.

Medical Director, Dr. Delroy Jefferson, led the tour, accompanied by Head of the Emergency Room, Dr. Elizabeth McLaughlin.

The Health Services Authority team explained the use of “Sally” the tele-medicine referral “robot”, with which medical staff can converse using live video links. Dr. Jefferson noted that the technology is especially useful for vessels with medical issues which need on-shore consultations.

He also demonstrated use of the accompanying “InTouch” system whereby doctors here can examine patients and share opinions with doctors in other countries or locations, and vice versa.

Other areas visited included the Emergency Room, Intensive Care Unit and Critical Care section.

The hospital tour doubled as a consultation visit for five Argyll crew members.

Credits: Information Officer Lennon Christian

1 Surgeon Lieutenant Sophie Hawkes, RN, meets local doctors.

2 A nurse explains her duties.

3 One of the emergency treatment rooms.

4 Dr. Jefferson demonstrates use of the “InTouch” automated consultation system.



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