October 21, 2021

Roulstone and Moxam reply to Cayman Islands Football Association’s tactics in stifling election process and reform

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CIFA H:QGEORGE TOWN, 27 August 2015
It is with increasing frustration and disappointment that we note the continuing refusal of the Cayman Islands Football Association to approve our candidature for election as the First Vice President and the Assistant General Secretary respectively. The justifications that have been put forward by CIFA for its position are without substance, the organisation apparently being determined to stifle debate about future reform of the organisation at all costs.
We were astonished to read the report published by Cayman News Service dated 25 August 2015 that the decision to reject our nominations, taken some 5 days after the Acting General Secretary had clearly stated them to be in order, was taken by the Executive Committee, a number of the members of which now stand to be re-elected unopposed. That decision was, we believe, not only legally incorrect but also taken without any regard to conflicts of interest and, more importantly, the best interests of CIFA and its members.
We wish to emphasise that all we wish to do is to give CIFA’s members the opportunity to vote for us if they share our vision for reform of the organisation. The desire of the current Executive Committee to prevent Members from exercising that democratic choice is disturbing, and we believe our view that the Cayman Islands is entitled to expect better of its sporting governing bodies to be shared by many in the Islands.
We are grateful for the many expressions of support that we have received from both Government and the general public which demonstrate the growing body of opinion in favour of change. The past months have been difficult and damaging for the football community in the Cayman Islands, the wider Caribbean and the world, and we firmly believe that matters can only be put right in an atmosphere of cooperation, openness and reform.
The continued political machinations that have taken place in order to preserve the status quo do not contribute to this goal and only serve to reinforce negative impressions of football governance. We call upon CIFA and its Executive Committee to lay aside considerations of self -interest and instead act in the interests of the game and all of those who love it.


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