July 24, 2021

Robbery at Alfesco

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Police are investigating an  armed robbery which occurred at the Alfesco Restaurant in West Bay around 9:46 pm Wednesday night. A female member of staff reported that two males armed with firearms had entered the restaurant and robbed them at gunpoint.

The suspects then made off with a sum of cash.

The  first suspect was  described as tall with a muscular build. He  was dressed in grey baggy camouflaged  pants and wore black shoes. The second suspect was described as being shorter and was wearing a black tee shirt. No other description of the second suspect was provided.

No shots were fired and the suspects escaped on foot. Police are appealing for the driver of an SUV to come forward after he was forced to stop on the road as the gunmen fled the restaurant.

Detective Constable Nathan Turner said:  “As the armed men ran off from Alfresco’s and turned left into Townhall Road, they ran in front of traffic, causing the black SUV, possibly a Ford Explorer. to stop.”

Anyone with information should contact the West Bay CID   on 949-3990 or the Confidential Crime Stoppers number 800-8477 (TIPS )

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