June 25, 2022

Road trips in the UK to enjoy

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A road trip can be a lot of fun. You’ll be able to drive away with your friends in a stunning location as you explore new places and cultures. Below, we explore the preparations you’ll need to make and the best routes in the UK. 


You’ll need to prepare beforehand by packing carefully before your trip. For a start, you’ll need food and drink to keep you fuelled during the journey. Meanwhile, a phone charger that’s compatible with your car is essential to ensure you constantly have internet access. A first-aid kit can be a useful precaution as well, in case of emergency.

Car checks

There are some essential car checks you’ll need to make before the trip too. Ideally, you’ll have a comfortable car that’s capable of taking you out on the road trip. If it’s time to change your car then it can be worth searching for used Audis in London to provide you with a luxurious, sleek vehicle. On top of this, you should be checking the oil, tyre pressure, lights, tyre tread depth and fuel level before your trip.

Best trips

Cheddar Gorge, Somerset

Cheddar Gorge has been crowned Britain’s loveliest drive, and for good reason. The meandering route of Cheddar Gorge is easily accessible from Bristol and for 14 miles you wander through the gorge with huge cliffs on either side! Plus, this trip ends with a beach day at Weston-Super Mare once you’re finished.

Peak District

The Peak District is found in Northern Derbyshire and was one of the first national parks of England. There are plenty of gorgeous routes – especially the famous Snake Pass – but just ensure that you check the weather as many of the roads are closed during winter.

Scottish north coast

Northern Scotland has all sorts of beautiful routes for a road trip. You can take a circular road starting and ending at the breathtaking Inverness castle: from mysterious lochs to atmospheric, lonely beaches, there’ll be all sorts to see.

West coast of Wales

A road trip around the west coast of Wales offers all sorts of different scenery. A 26-mile drive will take you from the highest peak at Snowdonia to the coastal sands of Anglesey. 

A UK road trip can be a lot of fun. Just make all the appropriate checks, pick your destination and get ready to set off!

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