November 30, 2020

Rizla cigarette wrapping paper banned at Northward

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QcR28AdyYS-12Prisoners at HMP Northward Grand Cayman will no longer be able to “roll their own”.

The Cayman Islands Portfolio of Internal Affairs (PIA) confirmed on Monday (25) that “going forward”  cigarette wrapping papers, e.g. “Rizlas” would “no longer be allowed as hand-ins.”

The reason for this is because prisoners mainly use the wrapping papers to smoke ganga and not tobacco.

The PIA said the items [Rizlas] do nothing to assist with the rehabilitation or security of inmates and may contribute to illegal activities.

It is almost like putting the cart before the horse.

RizlaKing.Size.Blue.507.no604daIf ganga is banned, but is still widely being used by the prisoners at Northward, what makes the PIA think banning Rizlas is going to make any difference?

Prisoners don’t smoke the wrapping paper. It’s what it holds they smoke.

No further comment necessary…

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