April 21, 2021

“Ride with Pride” with Cayman Flag Car Air-Fresheners

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Marco Archer & Patrick AsmussenA new product designed to promote the Cayman Islands and boost national pride is anticipated to be launched just in time for National Heroes Day celebrations.

Cayman Flag air-fresheners can be displayed in vehicles so that everyone in Cayman can “Ride with Pride.” They can also be used as a drawer or closet freshener.

Patrick Asmussen, local businessman and Managing Director of kpaGRAPHICS, came up with the idea during a visit to Canada where he picked up some air-fresheners sporting the Canadian flag to give as souvenirs to friends and family in Cayman.

“I began noticing vehicles on island were displaying flags from other countries but not a Cayman flag – and so I decided to introduce one,” he said. “It just seemed like the right thing to do.”

Marco Archer, Minister of Finance and Economic Development, assisted in getting the venture off the ground. “It’s a positive promotion for the Cayman Islands in both the local and tourist market,” he said. “It also lends itself to the development of small business entrepreneurship and future employment.”

The air-fresheners will be available at Foster’s Food Fair (Airport, Countryside, The Strand, Republix) Kirk Market, Hurley’s, Cost-U-Less, Reflections and A.L. Thompson’s. Mr. Asmussen said additional retail outlets and gift shops have shown interest in carrying the product, and will come on board in the coming months.

The Cayman Flag air-fresheners currently come in four scents: coconut, lemon, lavender and ocean. Other scents are in the development stage spanning from apple to vanilla, along with coffee for the morning drive. Aromatherapy scents are also in development.

kpaGRAPHICS also produces custom air-fresheners as promotional items for businesses, as corporate giveaways or as a specialty item to promote the islands. Businesses can incorporate their own logo, message and imagery for both the local and international market. For convenience, the air-fresheners can be ordered online and delivered to your doorstep.

Photo caption:

Mr. Patrick Asmussen presents Mr. Marco Archer, Minister of Finance and Economic Development, with the first complimentary gift-pack of the Cayman Flag air-freshener. The air-fresheners, in most locations, will be displayed in thatch baskets handcrafted by Eileen McLaughlin of Lower Valley.

For more information contact:

Patrick Asmussen, Managing Director, kpaGRAPHICS

Tel: 917-3974

Email: [email protected]

Web: www.freshasair.com






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