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Restaurant owner hunts down negative Yelp reviewer

10712776_10154674573095464_2679998758176629397_nBy Eitan Levine From Mashable

If you can’t take the heat, stay out of the kitchen — or really, the restaurant business in general.

If your restaurant is hit with a one-star review on Yelp, you can either improve the food and customer service, and hope that people will notice. Or, you can hunt down the reviewer who left the rating, and send him a series of profane text messages. Ninja City Kitchen and Bar recently opted for the latter.

Last month, Ruchu Tan ate at Ninja City, and left the Cleveland-based Asian-fusion restaurant a negative review on Yelp.

Not being one to take negative reviews sitting down, chef Bac Nguyen harnessed his inner Dothraki, hunted Tan down and sent him text messages with HBO After Midnight-caliber language. Bac Nguyen’s Messages to Ruchu Tan

Nguyen’s texts also featured the most perfectly placed cat-eating-ramen emoji in the history of cat-eating-ramen emojis.

Nguyen has since reportedly apologized for his messages to Tan. However, even after apologizing, Ninja City continued to tag Tan in social media posts promoting the restaurant.

There is currently a Facebook group devoted to boycotting Ninja City and Nguyen’s other restaurant, Bác, on the grounds that the chef’s actions “hurt the country’s perception of Cleveland.”




Ruchu Tan’s Review on Yelp of Ninja City

Ruchu Tan being tagged on Ninja City Social

(Warning: If you go to the website link there is much Explicit language.)

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EDITOR: iNews Cayman has only posted EDITED screen shots of the less offensive messages from Brac Nguyen


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