September 20, 2021

Release of detainees at Cayman Islands IDC

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GRAND CAYMAN (GIS) – After reviewing the detention of the migrants housed at the Immigration Detention Centre (IDC), the Department of Immigration (DOI) has determined that the detainees will be released from the facility pending the results of their legal matters.

In response to the length of time in finalising immigration statuses for the detainee’s, three migrants were released from the facility on Friday (13 July 2018), and are currently housed in approved accommodations provided by the DOI.

To mitigate risk to the public, a thorough risk assessment was conducted on each of the detainees currently housed within the facility.

“Although the detainees do not pose a threat to the community, in an effort to ensure public safety as a top priority, the detainees will be fitted with an electronic monitoring device in which we will use to observe their whereabouts and verify that they are complying with the rules of their release,” Acting Chief Immigration Officer, Gary Wong, stated.

The three individuals released have been at the facility the longest amount of time out of the 13 detainees currently at the IDC.

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