August 8, 2020

Registration for Cayman Islands Government schools now open


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The registration for students enrolling in, or transferring to, for the 2019/2020 school year will open on Monday, 1st April 2019 and will close on Friday, 28th June, 2019.

Registration for Government Reception is open for qualifying children aged 4 Years 0 months before 1st September 2019. That means a child born between 1st September 2014 and 31st August 2015 is eligible for reception, and that he/she must have already turned 4 prior to 1st September, 2019.

The Government schools that have reception classes are Sir John A Cumber Primary School; George Town Primary School; Prospect Primary School; Savannah Primary School; Bodden Town Primary School; Edna M. Moyle Primary School and East End Primary School on Grand Cayman and West End Primary School and Creek Primary School on Cayman Brac.

Registration for Year 1 in Government schools is open for qualifying children aged 5 years 0 months before 1st September 2019. That means a child born between 1st September 2013 and 31st August 2014 is eligible for Year 1, and that he/she must have already turned 5 prior to 1st September, 2019.

Registration for older students transferring internally, re-entering or entering for the first time into the Government school system should be completed by the 28th June 2019 deadline in order for the child to be eligible to attend school at the start of the school year.

Registration will take place at the Department of Education Services (GCM) and the Cayman Brac Teacher’s Centre (CB/LC).  Parents may pick up registration forms at government schools, the Department of Education Services, at 130 Thomas Russell Way, George Town; the Cayman Brac Teacher’s Centre on, Cayman Brac or download the forms and information from our website at, click on “Go to homepage”, scroll down to “School Registration” for access.


When the form has been completed, it must be returned to the Department of Education Services Room #101 in Grand Cayman or the Cayman Brac Teacher’s Centre serving both Cayman Brac and Little Cayman registrants, with copies of the following documents attached;

All first time students entering government schools

·         The child’s birth certificate

·         The child’s immunization card (In the case of non-compliance with immunization due to health or religious reasons, the parent must complete a DES immunization exempt form.)

·         Documentation of child’s immigration residency category (Non-Caymanian students i.e. birth certificate, passport, government contract showing children as dependents, residence certificate, RS 101 form.)

Mandatory Residency Verification: Proof of address must be demonstrated by any two (2) of the following documents listed, One fromGroup A and One from Group B (See proofs below or published “Guidelines for school registration, transfers & Homeschool” located on our website at, click on “Go to DES homepage”, scroll down to “School Registration” for access.)

Residence is determined by a person’s physical presence as a resident within the designated geographic boundary of the school catchment with the intent to remain. The address/residence of a student for school purposes depends upon a factual determination of the care, custody and control of the student.

Proofs in the form of a utility bill (CUC or Water), notarized lease or notarized “Parent Affidavit Form” accompanied by a utility bill, CUC, Water, Cable, Telephone, Driver’s License or Voter ID in the parents name or landlord name if renting or if more than one family shares a living space and there is only one owner/lease holder.

·         The last school year’s reports including latest psychological reports for any students previously assessed as requiring special education needs (SEN) (if the child is being admitted from another school including private schools local and overseas). In the case of admission to John Gray High School, Clifton Hunter High School or Layman Scott High School, a transcript including latest psychological reports for any students previously assessed as requiring special education needs (SEN) from the last High School attended should be included.

·         Medical examinations with the Public Health Nurse. Parents can also arrange for an examination from a private doctor (See approved list of private doctors available on our website). The medical examination must be completed before a child is enrolled.

The Department of Education Services Registration staff will check the documentation and determine the designated catchment area for the school assignment. Following review/approval by the Senior School Improvement Officer, the assigned school secretary will make an appointment with the public health nurse, for medical screening for children who have not completed medicals privately prior to returning their applications to DES for processing.

Transferring Students (Students transferring internally from one government school to another government school)

·         Mandatory residency verification (See explanation above)

·         (Out of catchment request) Mandatory clear letter of justification to be reviewed at the end of the registration period (Require Approvals by the director/Registration committee space/services permitting in the year group and school being requested)

Returning Students (Students previously enrolled in a government school)

Students previously enrolled in a government school requesting readmission, shall provide the following;

·         Mandatory residency verification (See explanation above)

·         The last school year report from current school (Primary/Special)

·         Complete Transcript from current High School (Secondary schools)

Remember enroll as soon as possible to ensure that your qualifying child has a place at your local school in September. CHILDREN REGISTERING AFTER 28th JUNE, 2019, CANNOT BE GUARANTEED SPACE at their zoned catchment school. Parents will receive notification from the school of their child’s placement for September.

Entry to Government Schools

Priority for admission to Government schools is assigned as follows:

Reception Program: 4 years before September 1st.

  1. Caymanians, with proof established by birth certificate, Cayman status stamped passport or status certificate
  2. Children born to a non-Caymanian parent out of wedlock with proof established by birth to a Caymanian. Caymanian parent shall provide DES proof via form RS101 (available on our website). Caymanian parent must be residing on island at the time of registration.

Primary – Secondary: 5 years before September 1st and children older.

  1. Caymanians, with proof established by birth certificate, passport or status certificate
  2. Dependents of Caymanians
  3. Dependents of contracted government employees (Space permitting following the close of registration)
  4. Dependents of permanent residents (Space permitting following the close of registration)

Class sizes are capped for Reception and Year 1 at 24 students and 28 for all other year groups. Where maximum class sizes are exceeded within the school, spaces will be offered for qualifying students at the nearest school with available space. Spaces for categories 3 and 4 and all out of catchment request will be reviewed following the closure of registration.

Payment of Fees:

All non-Caymanian students under approved categories must pay school fees at the following rates:

          *     Year 1-6                CI$250.00 per term or CI$750.00 per year

*     Year 7-9                CI$300.00 per term or CI$900.00 per year

*     Year 10-12            CI$400.00 per term or CI$1,200.00 per year

Payment sites are as follows:

·         Cayman Brac/ Little Cayman residents: Cayman Brac Teachers Centre, Cayman Brac

·         Grand Cayman residents: First Floor, Government Administration Building, Treasury Counter.

The Catchment Area for government primary schools:


WEST BAY PRIMARY              North of Government House to Spanish Bay Reef to include all of West Bay.

GEORGE TOWN PRIMARY    South of Government House to Memorial Avenue, North along Walkers Road to Maple Road and East along Smith Road to Crewe Road airport junction. North on Airport Road, through the new Junction in Industrial Park to include all areas North and East past the airport to North Sound

RED BAY PRIMARY                  Area on south side of memorial Avenue, along Walkers Road to Maple Road and South side of Smith Road, both sides of Crewe Road bordered by Owen Robert Drive to the North and South Sound to the South Sound Boarder on the east side of Victory Avenue.

PROSPECT PRIMARY              All areas from Prospect Drive eastward to west side of Spotts-Newlands Road and west side of Chime Street on the BP/East/West Arterial (to include all of Prospect Park, Patrick’s Island, Ocean Club, Mariners Cove, Cascades Drive.

SAVANNAH PRIMARY             The East side of Spotts-Newlands Road to Beach Bay Road

                                                       in Pedro including greater Pedro area.

BODDEN TOWN PRIMARY   East of Beach Bay Road up to Breakers including Northward.

NORTH SIDE PRIMARY           All of Frank Sound to Old Man Bay west to Cayman Kai

EAST END PRIMARY               East of the Frank Sound junction to include all of East End to Colliers.


WEST END PRIMARY               West end of Cayman Brac to Faith Hospital on north side of the island and correspondingly across the island to the south coast


JUNIOR SCHOOL                      All areas east of Faith Hospital to the Eastern end of Cayman Brac


  EDUCATION SERVICE          All areas of Little Cayman

The Catchment Area for government Secondary Schools:

JOHN GRAY HIGH SCHOOL    all areas West Side of Spotts-Newlands Road & west side of Chime Street

                                                         By- Pass East/West Arterial

CLINTON HUNTER HIGH SCHOOL   All areas East Side of Spotts-Newlands Road & East side of Chime

                                                                     Street By-Pass East/West Arterial

LAYMAN SCOTT HIGH SCHOOL        all areas of Cayman Brac & Little Cayman

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