January 28, 2022

Regiment concludes final exercise

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Cayman Islands Regiment Concludes Final Exercise 2021

From Cayman Islands Regiment

The Cayman Islands Regiment conducted Exercise Swift Response on December 11, 2021. The final exercise for the training year demonstrated the reservists’ operational efficiency and effectiveness. Reservists’ successfully established ALASKA shelters, a headquarters, prepared meals, and interacted with sister agencies to execute tasks required in the event of an emergency.

Reservists arrived at John Gray High before daybreak, to check equipment, and prepare vehicles in order to deploy to the Ed Bush Stadium. During Exercise SWIFT Response, our water purification specialists also deployed the Lightweight Water Purification System, known as the LWPS. This system converts sea water into drinking water, and can be set up in one hour.

This was the first time that the Cayman Islands Regiment has established all these capabilities in one setting, and in under 4 hours, proving readiness for a variety of incidents and emergencies, which will enable us to support the community and other agencies as required.

From Lieutenant Colonel Simon Watson:

“This weekend the Cayman Islands Regiment deployed on Exercise SWIFT RESPONSE. This exercise was designed to test the immediate capabilities of the Regiment in Grand Cayman. They deployed to Ed Bush Stadium in West Bay and established a forward operating base consisting of four 40 by 20 foot tents, field kitchen, mobile lighting, generators, a solar power generation system and a water purification system. The forward operation base was set up in three hours. This was the first time the troopers deployed a solar powered generation system, which is one kit all terrain power for the Headquarters communication and control equipment. The LWPS was also deployed. This can purify 75 gallons or 284 litres of water per hour from sea water providing drinking water immediately following a disaster. Both systems support our ability to be sustainable, self-sufficient and can be transported by air and so deployed in the sister islands and anywhere in the Caribbean. 

“This exercise was also an opportunity to continue with disaster response training and personnel undertook training in first aid, chainsaw servicing and maintenance and helicopter landing and casualty evacuation in conjunction with the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service Air Operations Unit. We were fortunate to have His Excellency the Governor, Minister of Home Affairs Bernie Bush as well as other VIPs join us to view the deployment.” 

This is the final exercise for the Regiment in 2021 and we will continue to build capability in 2022. The Regiment will bring on a new cohort of recruits and to further enhance the ability to serve the Cayman Islands.

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