July 29, 2021

Recycled pitiful me

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Well, Christmas is over and I’m still in the lounge

If anyone visits they would really think it strange,

I’m as dry as a tree can possibly get

In the corner of the room where I’ve been set.

But, you know, for two weeks I was pretty as could be,

My decor was beautiful for all to see,

Bright lights adorned me and I looked so pretty

Now the season is over and all I feel is pity.

Cause I really enjoyed the family coming around

A happier bunch of people could never be found

With piles of presents all around my base

It was really a pleasure to watch each one’s face.

As they eagerly unwrapped their Christmas presents

Of jewellery, clothes, perfumes and ornaments,

And the food, my goodness, what a scrumptious fare

As each family member tried to eat their share.

Loads of turkey, pork, beef and ham,

Plantain, potatoe salad, rice and beans, stuffing and yam,

And so much cake and Christmas pudding so sweet

All served with custard and brandy sauce what a treat.

Well, now it’s all over and the celebrations done

The annual family get together has really been fun

But alas, I must go where all dry Christmas trees go,

Recycled, together with other trees I know.

So merry mulch I am today, come and get your share.

Gather up a bag or two if you really care.

Your plants will thrive and your trees will love it too –

Better get there quickly or there’ll be no mulch for you.


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