October 6, 2022

Recycled paper bins

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An alternative to plastic storage: stackable, water-resistant recycled paper bins

BY RAIN NOE From Core77

Midori’s Pulp Storage Products

When it comes to storing items, few things can beat the cost and utility of the transparent, stackable plastic containers you can buy at the big box store. Only problem is they’re, well, plastic. For the more eco-minded among you, Japanese stationary brand Midori offers an alternative with their Pulp Storage Products:

Made from 51% recycled paper and 49% wood pulp, which is more sustainable than plastic, the cases come in three sizes: The Pen Case (H66 x W191 x D32mm), the Card Box (H119 x W167 x D68mm) and the Tool Box (H210 x W302 x D140mm).

While it might seem like the three colors are different to help you distinguish content categories, in fact they reveal the post-consumer content they’re made from: The grey boxes come from newspaper, the white from newspaper and milk cartons, the beige from cardboard boxes.

As snap latches for the lids can’t exactly be molded into paper, rubber bands are included instead. And if you’re worried about storing them in a basement prone to flooding, the bottoms of the bins are water-resistant.

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