January 17, 2022

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Miriam Karmali, Freedom United

January 2, 2022 News Digest
Happy New Year! Your weekly news digest looks a little different today. 

We want to start this year by sharing your top campaigns, what you can do in less than 5 minutes to keep these issues in the public eye – AND a 2022 action guide! 

Perhaps conversations about social justice, our personal shopping habits and the ever-present question – “what can I do?” – cropped up over the holidays in conversations with friends and family. We know these conversations can sometimes be hard to navigate, particularly when immediate solutions to these problems aren’t always straightforward. 

So, for the year ahead we’ve put together a handy action guide to support you in your campaigning efforts as part of the Freedom United community. 

Last year we achieved so much, proof of how our collective voice effects change. We hope you’re feeling refreshed and ready to take on 2022 because we can’t wait to keep working together to tackle systemic injustices that perpetuate modern slavery around the world. 

Download the campaigning action guide and check out your top campaigns for change below!

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Forced labor

Free Uyghurs from forced labor in China

2021 was a busy year for the Freedom United community as we campaigned for an end to forced labor in the Uyghur Region. You bolstered a letter to Nike’s shareholders urging them to vote yes to a proposal that would require Nike to publish a human rights impact assessment on its entire supply chain. Over a quarter of Nike investors voted in favor of the proposal! Let’s keep up the pressure in 2022 for more successes like this

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Call to end slavery in Libya
As evidence detailing the horrific abuse suffered by migrants and refugees in Libya continues to build, the Freedom United community has been keeping up the pressure on the E.U. to take accountability for its role in perpetuating slavery in the country. Slavery and torture are widespread in Libya and the E.U. can no longer turn a blind eye. We won’t stop talking about this in 2022. Join 28,000+ supporters demanding change. 
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Stop detaining survivors

New data continues to build a stark picture of the state of trafficking survivors’ rights. Thousands of survivors in the U.K. are being detained with no access to the support they’re entitled to. If this is happening in the U.K., a supposed leader against modern slavery, imagine what’s happening elsewhere. In 2022 we’re going to keep demanding governments to stop detaining trafficking survivors and uphold survivors’ human rights.
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Sign the petition. Sign the petition

Download the guide to taking action and share with your networks!
We are independent – our work is not influenced by government, corporate or other interests. If you can, please consider making a regular $10 donation to sustain our work building power for change. Thank you.
Miriam Karmali
Freedom United
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