January 31, 2023

RCIPS join youth

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CI Beersingh Speaks to Students

CI Beersingh Speaks to Students

RCIPS Neighborhood Officers Join Youth ACT’s Crime Awareness and Prevention Day at CHHS and JGHS

Last Friday, 24 June, six officers with the RCIPS Neighborhood Policing Department (NPD) participated in a day-long crime awareness and prevention event for youth at Clifton Hunter High School. Organized by the Youth Anti-Crime Trust (Youth ACT) for the fourth straight year, the event features presentations by local police and prison officers, crime prevention activists and community leaders to describe the realities and impact of crime on society and individual lives. The presentations are hard-hitting, and meant to make an impression. Over two thousand year 8-11 students from all three high schools have been guided through the seminars in the past three years.

“I always look forward to this event because I have seen how it gets the students’ attention,” said PC Odale Mulgrave, an NPD officer who participated in the event. “Students hear about the realities of crime in a way that only those who have worked in this area or who have lived through it can really describe.”

“We believe in youth empowerment, not incarceration,” said Bonnie Anglin, Co-Chair of Youth ACT, “and one thing that empowers youth is information. This event gives them the raw information about crime and its impact, so they can make informed choices about their lives.”

“Youth ACT is committed to developing and implementing effective prevention programmes to address anti-social behavior and reduce and prevent youth crime,” continued Michael Myles, Co-Chair of Youth ACT, “and we encourage all citizens of our beautiful islands to contact us and get involved to support young people as they navigate through life.”

The event at Clifton Hunter School last Friday will be repeated at John Gray High School tomorrow, Tuesday, June 28. The press has been invited to attend the events at both schools.

Youth ACT’s Crime Awareness and Prevention Day is sponsored by Sol Petroleum, Esso, the Ministry of Youth and Rotary Central.


PC Odale Mulgrave speaks to students during the event

Chief Inspector Patrick Beersingh delivers a presentation

Students at CHHS listen to presentations delivered by officers and community activists

Co-Chair of Youth ACT, Michael Myles, addresses students at CHHS

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