July 24, 2021

R&B star Rihanna in new Barbados tourism campaign

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d0d354668f69293e040aa69de3140c78_MNot one to shy away from the media spotlight, R&B superstar Rihanna is putting her native Barbados back on the map with some sexy shots on  the beach for their new campaign.

Part of an “Inside Out” initiative, Rihanna who has some 60 million followers on Facebook and another 26 million on Twitter has reportedly  been hired to promote Barbados using social media, the Vancouver Sun reported.

According to Barbadian tourism officials, the social media only campaign has reached a record number of people.

With an average temperature of 29°C -31°C and a party atmosphere  all year round, Rihanna’s endorsement is sure to make the Caribbean island  sizzle on every traveller’s wish list. Check out what’s coming up and what travellers  can do in Barbados below:


  • Crop Over (01 July 2013 – 05 August 2013) celebrates Barbadian heritage  through concerts, markets, cultural presentations, parties and more.
  • Visitors can dance with the locals at the Reggae Festival Barbados (21 April 2013 – 28 April 2013).

ON THE WATER-Visitors can:

  • go on an underwater adventure in an air-conditioned submarine surrounded by marine wildlife;
  • take a cruise along the Barbados coast on a beautiful catamaran allowing ample opportunity to snorkel, relax and perhaps even swim some turtles; anscuba dive to see the beautiful coral reefs of Barbados as well as explore some well preserved wreck sites.

ON LAND-Visitors can:

  • learn about Barbados as they trek or stroll along the Arbib Nature and Heritage Trail in St. Peter;  or take a guided tour through Harrison’s Cave in St. Thomas and learn about the various formations and water sources found within it.

FOOD-Visitors can:

  • watch fire eaters and other performers over BBQ dinner and enjoy free drinks at the Harbour Lights Beach Extravaganza Dinner Show & Nightclub in St Michael; Bajan Roots & Rhythms in Christ Church put on a cabaret show representing Barbadian culture and party atmosphere.

DRINK-Visitors can:

  • see where the local beer is brewed and bottled on a guided tour at the Banks Brewery in St. Michael;
  • take a tour and enjoy a tasting session at the longest standing rum producer in the world (learn about rum and its connection with Barbados’ history) at Mount Gay Rum Visitors Centre in St Michael.


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