March 22, 2023

Queens College alumni’s first woman president moving group into 21st century

By Tangerine Clarke From Caribbean Life

Karen Wharton, the first woman to be unanimously voted in as President of the Queen’s College Alumni Association, NY, is focused on mobilizing the talents of former students and friends of the prestigious school, to ensure the institution receives the appropriate resources to advance into the 21st century.

Wharton, a Brooklyn resident and mechanical engineer, told an audience at the association’s recent 25th Year Anniversary Celebration at Antun’s Banquet Hall, that the launch of the Youth Development Fund supports program to better equip students for the future.

To this end, she announced the Annual Student Conference in Guyana set for February 16–17, 2017 and called on alumni to participate in the educational forum.

Reflecting on the strides the organization has made, Wharton, who was honored at the prestigious event, applauded former students for the impact they have made to improve learning for students back home.

“With our assistance, Queen’s College was the first in Guyana to install a computer laboratory on its premises, and the first to provide its students with Internet access. We also provided financial assistance to Queen’s College families and to Guyanese in general, during the flood of 2005,” said the president who added that in honor of founding member, Vernley Ivor Ward, the group has underwritten the University of Guyana fees for 17 students.

In additional to encouragement of leadership training, volunteer opportunities and activities that engage student in traditional and non-traditional academic pursuits, the association’s Annual Student Conference and the Math and Robotics Summer Camp, will continue to benefit student across Guyana.

Forty-one years after Queen’s College admitted girls to the institution, Wharton, the first woman to lead the alumni association, is passionate, and committed to programs such as financial assistance and mentoring support for SAT prep programs, for disadvantaged high-school students in the New York area.

Recently appointed as an Education Resource Ambassador supporting the University of Guyana’s Renaissance, a member of the UG’s NY Support Group, Wharton plans to bring together volunteers with different qualifications, backgrounds, and experiences, an integral part of fostering creativity and innovation.

A founding member of the Queens-based Guyana Jamaica Friendship Association, where she serves as its first Public Relations Officer, Wharton, who graduated from Boston University and Pace University, is a mother to 16-year old Kali and wife to James Blain.

She said she is honored and privileged to lead the alumni association, and eternally grateful to her predecessor, John Campbell for his strength and leadership during his presidency.

“I look forward to working with the Executive Committee members and you, friends, as we continue to work toward fulfilling the mission of QUAANY.”

“Faithful and useful always” she said, alluding to the motto of the prestigious institution.

IMAGE:Karen Wharton.

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