September 21, 2020

Queen Elizabeth II’s 60-year reign in stamps


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Many Cayman Islands residents no doubt participated in, or enjoyed watching Queen Elizabeth 11’s Jubilee celebrations and will be glad to know that the Cayman Islands Postal Service issued four stamps to honour the occasion. These stamps will be released on 12 June.

To celebrate the 60-year reign of Queen Elizabeth II, the four stamps selected by the Cayman Islands Stamp Advisory Committee depict the Queen on her two visits to the Cayman Islands in 1983 and 1994 and other key moments. The four stamps are valued at 25¢, 80¢, $1 and $1.50 and include a First Day Cover.  Photos supplied by Lennon Christian and Cayman Free Press were used on the 25c, $1 and First Day Cover.

In 1952, the woman known today as Queen Elizabeth II was Princess Elizabeth, a 25-year-old member of England’s Royal Family, visiting a remote village in Kenya. When word came on February 6 of that year that her father, George VI, had died, Elizabeth cut her trip short and flew home to London.  She was greeted at the airport by her country’s then-Prime Minister Winston Churchill and was crowned Queen Elizabeth II. Her coronation was on 2 June 1953.

During her 60-year reign, Queen Elizabeth has become the most travelled monarch in the world she has travelled to every country within the Commonwealth of Nations, except two of the most recent members, Cameroon and Rwanda. Canada is the most visited country, with 24 visits (not including fuel stops). Over the course of her reign, the Cayman Islands has had many elections and evolved democratically to having a new constitution with its first Premier and Ministers of Cabinet, as opposed to EXCO, Justices of the Peace and Vestry members under an older constitution.

The only previous Diamond Jubilee celebrated by a British monarch took place in 1897, when Queen Victoria marked 60 years of her reign.

Deputy Premier Hon. Juliana O’Connor-Connolly noted that the Cayman Islands has a unique relationship with the Queen, who has been an integral part of our history. “The Cayman Islands was proud to take part in celebrating the Queen’s incredible life of service during the Jubilee weekend.

It’s really a happy occasion,” she stated.

Postmaster General Sheena Glasgow said that the recent celebrations, both locally and internationally, demonstrate an outpouring of affection for the Queen. “It’s a great historic moment, but also a moment of great celebration. The number of Caymanians and residents who took part and or celebrated this historic moment was a testament to the love and respect for HM the Queen here,” she added.

The stamp issue:

First Day Cover: The Queen and Price Philip arrive at Owen Roberts International Airport on board a VC10 aircraft on 16 February 1983. Elected officials and top administrators greet Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip as the Royal Couple exit the aircraft.


The Queen outside the Legislative Building, where she delivered a throne speech, during her first visit to the Cayman Islands, 16-17 February 1983. During the visit, the Queen and Prince Philip toured Grand Cayman. Additionally, she officially opened the Queen’s Highway – a road that connects East End and North Side.  The Royal Couple stayed at Transnational House.

Photo Courtesy of Cayman Free Press.




Queen Elizabeth II at the garden party on the grounds of the Royal Hospital, Chelsea, London, in connection with the 50th anniversary of the Women’s Services on 1 June 1967.






The Queen and Prince Philip arrive in George Town harbor aboard the Royal Yacht Britannia, Saturday and Sunday, 26-27 February 1994, as part of an eight-country Caribbean tour. During Queen’s Elizabeth II second visit, she knighted former Financial Secretary Vasssel Johnson. She officially opened the Ed Bush Sports Complex and Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park in Frank Sound.  The Queen took the time to greet residents.

Photo Courtesy of Lennon Christian.



Queen Elizabeth II gives a wide smile for the crowd from her carriage as she leaves Westminster Abbey, London after her Coronation on 6 June 1953.





The four stamps will be issued on 12 June and will also include 25¢ stamp self-adhesive booklet.

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