September 18, 2020

Purple Dragon students make the black belt grade


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Six students learning the Don Jitsu Ryu style of martial arts at Cayman’s Purple Dragon martial arts studio or ‘dojo’ have recently reached the coveted black belt grade in their sport.  Taking place last month in Trinidad, the 130th black belt grading (testing) saw all six Cayman Islands students put through their paces with three days of intense physical activities before the final ceremony took place, honouring them with their black belts. Having just opened its brand new facilities in the Mirco Centre last month has meant the Purple Dragon dojo has been able to offer its students top class facilities in which to practice their sport.

Students ranged in age from 12 year old Zarek Deosaran, the youngest of the team, 14 year old Leyton James who was joined by his father Steven James, who at 52 years of age was the oldest student on the team to achieve the black belt grade. Representing the women Dorisley Jackson, Dianne Gordon and Susan Eden all also earned the black of black belt in the Purple Dragon Don Jitsu Ryu style of martial arts.

The Purple Dragon’s Sensei Geddes Hislop and Sempi Eucledies Pitta accompanied the students to the event, which overall saw all 34 students from eight countries achieve the prized black belt status. Sensei Geddes stated, “We have just opened our new Purple Dragon dojo at the Mirco Centre and the students have been training hard in the brand new facilities that we are now able to offer them,” he said. “We congratulate our students for their dedication and hard work. Achieving the black belt grade requires years of training and dedication and so each of our six new black belts have demonstrated true dedication to the sport of Don Jitsu Ryu.”

Sensei Geddes said that his students had been putting in a tremendous amount of effort for this the 130th Purple Dragon black belt examination. Professor Don Jacob the founder of the Purple Dragon is the head of the grading committee overseeing every aspect of the test to ensure that the highest standards are upheld. Professor Jacob encouraged everyone one throughout the 3 day test to “Accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative and forget about Mr. In-between”

Newly acquired black belt Steven James said all the hard work and intense preparation really paid off.

“Travelling to Trinidad and taking part in the black belt grading was such a memorable experience that tested each of us in different ways. We will carry the memories and experience that we shared and the lessons that we learned with us forever. We thank all our instructors for their guidance, support and dedication,” he said.

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