September 19, 2020

Purple Dragon RE/MAX Scholarship Awarded


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Remax team from left to right as follows: Tatum Jones, Neil Williams, Cathy Williams, Kerri Kanuga, Edna Ebanks, and Peter Takac- with Daniel Rivers (front

RE/MAX Cayman Islands and Purple Dragon Martial Arts were pleased to award a one year Purple Dragon Karate scholarship to Daniel Rivers, age 7 on 17th May 2012.

RE/Max and Purple Dragon decided to collaborate in April to create -The RE/MAX Purple Dragon Scholarship Programme for children between the age of 6 and 16. Each child who entered the contest was given the opportunity to win a one year scholarship at Purple Dragon which would set them on their way to eventually become a Purple Dragon Black Belt.

“We are very excited about this collaborative programme,” Sensei Floyd Baptiste stated.  “It is great to know that a child, who may otherwise not have the means to participate in our programme, will be able to do so. Children that go through our programme gain so much that they can use in their daily lives both physically and mentally.”

In order to enter this contest, the applicant had to write down their response to the statement “I want to be a Purple Dragon Warrior because…”.The most deserving answer went to Daniel Rivers who said, “I want to be a Purple Dragon Warrior because I want to learn self defense so that I can take care of my friends and family, and also all the scary bullies would think I am not scared of them. Also, I want to learn self control and how to stay calm even when I’m scared.”

There were over 70 submissions judged by a panel of representatives from Purple Dragon, RE/MAX and Tower Marketing. With so many deserving submissions, there were four additional runner ups chosen: Hayleigh Sciamonte, Amare Hamilton, Sadie Solomon, and Samuel Ramos. They each earned a one month scholarship, a Purple Dragon t-shirt, and a book by Professor Jacob’s (the founder of Purple Dragon).

“The programme was a great success, and we were pleased to have so many entries. It was a very hard choice to make, as so many of our contestants wrote touching reasons why they wanted to become a “Purple Dragon Warrior”. We are delighted to now be supporting Daniel in his endeavors and wish him success on his Purple Dragon journey.” – RE/MAX Broker/Owner James Bovell.

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