October 20, 2020

Purple Dragon kicks off 2012 with a new dojo and a special offer


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Students after getting their new belts

Purple Dragon Martial Arts is celebrating the New Year with a newly renovated dojo and a special membership offer.

The karate school will soon be moving to a new location at the Mirco Centre, which will double its space and enable the dojo to offer larger classes or two classes simultaneously.

To encourage more people to discover its world-renowned martial arts fitness system, the dojo is offering a special deal to start 2012.  People may now sign up for an entire yearly membership at Purple Dragon and save hundreds of dollars on the original fee.

By encouraging additional membership, more adults and children alike will get the opportunity to embrace a healthy, active lifestyle along with the discipline of martial arts training. With the added space, Purple Dragon will be able to hold additional evening adult classes after work, where previously lunchtime or later evening classes were tailored to adults. The programmes on offer at the school include karate, self-defense and fitness kickboxing.

Sensei Floyd Baptiste explains that the advantages of learning karate go beyond simply becoming proficient in physical skills. “Purple Dragon is one of the most unique, practical and disciplined schools of modern martial arts today,” he says.

Purple Dragon students in class

“The practice of Don Jitsu Ryu (the martial arts style taught at Purple Dragon) is not just self-defense but life-defense. Not only will you learn the most practical and effective fight methods, but it also means fighting low self-esteem and a lack of self-confidence. Come discover and develop your inner warrior.”

For the past 20 years, Purple Dragon has embodied this comprehensive philosophy, working with the youth of Cayman not only to strengthen their bodies, but also to teach them and give them the discipline and confidence to stand up and stand out.

The new facilities will also include retail space, changing rooms and a study area.

To introduce the new dojo to Cayman, Purple Dragon will be holding a special open house celebration. Details on the event will be announced shortly.

For more information on the Purple Dragon Martial Arts please contact 946-1241 or visit www.purpledragon.ky or www.purple-dragon.com.

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