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It has been an emotional last week. The mystery surrounding the disappearance of Kerran (Kerry-Ann) Baker is still a mystery. The RCIPS have held many police conferences, conducted searches, made appeals, published CCTV pictures, etc. and have had to admit they have no leads. The public support has been immense. They have themselves instigated searches and made appeals for any witnesses to come forward via Facebook and Twitter. Rumours are in abundance and the Marl Road is buzzing. We at iNews have been given many ‘leads’ and we have followed them up with the full knowledge of the RCIPS and all have led nowhere. Everyone, though, is trying to help. None of the ‘leads’ given to us were malicious – they were all given with the best intentions.

The rescued crew returned safely from their ordeal at sea when all hope had almost been given up. There was great public support through all of this and many people were at Owen Roberts Airport to witness their arrival. It was heartening to have some really good news to report.

Little Jordan Binckes, the baby that desperately needs open-heart surgery to correct serious defects, has had wonderful public support with donations to help pay for the operation. Jordan’s father said, “No big city in the world would give us the help and support that we are receiving from the people of the Cayman Islands.” At Friday’s  (5) silent auction at The LoneStar Bar & Grill over ten thousand dollars has been raised.

There is only a small percentage of bad people in the world and that percentage is even smaller here. It is these people who put a blot on the landscape and promote the news. It has been said, “there is good in everyone”. When these bad elements are caught, in nearly every case, they justify their actions on the injustices they have been suffering that turned them into their life of crime.

It is hard to give them any public support, though. We all suffer from some form of injustice either real or perceived. We go about it differently. Did Jordan’s father go and rob someone to get a few dollars for his baby? No. He appealed for help. He got public support.



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