November 29, 2020

PS restructure under way in the Cayman Islands

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government admin-picWork to completely restructure the Cayman Islands Public Service is underway in response to a 2010 consultant report to Government.

The restructure, nicknamed “Project 1” is being led by chief officers in the public sector, along with an unnamed “expert” from the United Kingdom.

The management of the Cayman Islands Public Service released a statement saying the “rationalisation exercise” would involve all of its ministries, portfolios, departments, statutory authorities and government companies.

“There are 13 ministries and portfolios, over 70 departments and sections, 25 statutory authorities and government companies and numerous boards, committees and commissions,” the statement said.

“Some functions and responsibilities of these entities may be duplicated, obsolete, misplaced or require structural adjustments to better serve the needs of the country.”

A report detailing the new organisational structure is expected to be released in April, detailing the addition of two new ministries created under the 2009 Constitution Order.

The restructure follows a number of initiatives put in motion by the sector to facilitate downsizing, including plans to cut staffing numbers by some 360 positions within the next five years and implement a pay freeze.

The public sector employs about 6,000 people – more than 10 per cent of the entire workforce* in the Cayman Islands.

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*EDITOR: That cannot be correct. I believe the PS story means the entire POPULATION not workforce.


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