October 2, 2023

Projects that wow

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Core77: 15 Reader Submitted Projects That Wowed This Year


Our readers have been busy in 2016…

We ware extremely impressed with the diversity of our reader submitted projects this year. Ranging from seating innovations to unexpected processes to low-tech solutions, our readers brought the heat. Here are the 15 most popular projects from 2016.

Aquapaw, a wonderfully low-tech solution to making pet bathing much easier, had everyone excited this year, including the Core77 editors. The combination sprayer and scrubber is turned on and off by pressing the button in the palm or by making a fist.

The modular, dual function bicycle, Shibusa, is a hassle-free commuting solution for getting to and from work while maintaining the ability to enjoy bike-riding in other recreational situations

Proximity Button uses a bit of tech to help keep track of wandering dementia patients. It’s discreet design keeps from distressing patients but allows their caretakers to track them in case of emergency.

The Journey ceramics series turns mishaps to magic—each object’s design is the result of bumps and random movements during the shipping process.

Waiting in the airport may be less of a drag in the near future: TheFlip Seating concept is designed around a single module that can be rotated, flipped and re-combined with other modules to create a range of seating configurations.

FABrics brought the open source model to furniture this year. The chairs can be made anywhere in the world using universal materials and technologies and are designed to be manufactured locally by the user .

Lagranja’s Cooking Tableware set aims to incorporate decorative design to industrially mass produced objects

A beautiful manufacturing process always captures our attention—DieFabriek lampshades are spun into form like cotton candy.

FreezeTHAT makes ice-making much easier thanks to its triangular design and internally sealed cooling gel . The BPA-free silicone tray freezes its contents in 10 minutes or less.

We’ve seen many standing desk solutions over the past couple of years, but the W Chair has the best of both worlds—it keeps your back straight while you work and improves concentration and productivity, just like standing desks. Similar kneeling desks have been around for awhile, but this minimal version brings sleek design into the mix.

Curatio is a dedicated 3D hand scanner that is able to create a precise surface model of the hand.

A true packaging success, the ‘Mattress for Eggs‘ system takes on the delicate challenge of stabilizing eggs for carrying purposes. We love how functional the aesthetically pleasing spiral design is—the buffers alleviate bumps and shakes that may happen during transport .

‘Painful’ Chair is a true ode to traditional practices. Inspired by Chinese acupuncture, the handmade chair’s seat is made up of 800 hammered wood nails that are responsive to touch.

There’s nothing worse than cleaning food waste out of your kitchen drain with your bare hands. WATER PASS collects the food waste for you—all you do is lift and dispose.

BONCHO is another low-tech solution to a common problem: staying dry in bad weather while biking. The clever design covers your body and your hands, so every inch stays dry.

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