June 28, 2022

Pressure builds on China to allow independent investigation

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From Miriam Karmali, Freedom United, [email protected]

February 13, 2022 News Digest
Forced Labor
UN says China must allow human rights chief to visit Uyghur Region
Meeting with China’s President Xi Jinping last weekend, UN Secretary-General António Guterres called for China to allow the UN human rights chief to make a “credible visit” to the country, including a visit to the Uyghur Region. UN human rights chief Michelle Bachelet has been in talks regarding an independent visit to the country that may take place this year. Read more… 
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Domestic Slavery
Kenyan women continue protest against kafala system in Lebanon 
A group of Kenyan women have been protesting outside their embassy in Beirut for weeks, requesting urgent support to return home. Many have fled abusive employers who have withheld their wages and passports, preventing them from leaving the country. Read more… 
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Child slavery
North American missionaries perpetuating orphanage exploitation in Haiti
Hundreds of unregulated orphanages have sprung up in Haiti over the past decade, attracting donations from foreigners. An in-depth investigation exposes how orphanages set up and funded by North American missionaries are raking in millions of dollars while children in these institutions face abusive conditions. Read more… 
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Law & policy Supply chain
The U.K. is turning its back on modern slavery Australian firms failing to address modern
survivors  slavery risks
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Friday February 18:
* What’s forced labor got to do with the Olympics?


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