January 19, 2022

Presenting Claudia and The Band Naked Chords!!

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Claudia and Naked Chords 2Seasoned R&B/Alternative Rock Artist Claudia Edward believes in fusing the right elements to bring out the best music on stage. So in the year 2009 these perfect elements came together and formed the band Naked Chords. And the results have been nothing short of amazing!

The Band consists of the following members: Bose – Drummer

Benton – Keyboards (also a Drummer) KC – Base Guitar

Toffy – Rhythm Guitar

Claudia Edward – Lead Vocalist/Band Leader

Thomas Ladner – Manager

The Band has performed at Mainstage Jazz at the St. Lucia Jazz Festival in 2010, a series of St. Lucia Jazz Fringe events including Fire Grill Jazz, Fond D’Or Jazz, Vieux Fort Jazz, Marigot Jazz, Jazz on the Green (at the St. Lucia Golf Club) and have also performed for Claudia’s ‘I Wish’ Music Video, as well as Album Launches.

The Band enjoys rehearsal sessions as each member has been able to put each other’s musical feel in any set played.

Claudia comments: ‘I believe for music to be brought across beautifully, we must all enjoy what we put out and that is why I ensure that all members feel free to express their opinion on song choices and style of delivery.’

The Band has gone through some beautiful voices as back up vocalists such as Lisa Barton – Volney, Dennisha Martial and Malika Chester.

What’s next for Claudia and the Band Naked Chords? Definitely some overseas performances both in the Caribbean and beyond. The band is already rehearsing for the St. Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival 2016 and other music festivals that they have been invited to.

The Band has been and always will be a family in and out of the rehearsal room, as they enjoy each other’s company both at work and at play.

Look out for Claudia Edward and the Band Naked Chords at their next performance. Keep in the know by checking out Claudia’s Facebook Page: Claudia – The Artiste, and also on other social media sites.

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