September 18, 2020

Premier Presents Gift of Computers from CDB


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Nine  community  organisations  benefited  from  the  Caribbean  Development Bank’s (CDB) Annual Meeting of the Board of Governors that was hosted by the Cayman Islands in May. Today Premier McKeeva Bush, who served as CDB Chairman during the past year continued a CDB tradition of presenting laptop computers to community organisations. The computers were used during the Board of Governors meeting.

Premier   Bush   said,   “I’m   very   pleased   to   present   these   computers   to organisations that do so much for our community. Today computers are as essential to an organisation as a typewriter was 30 years ago. But not every organisation is able to go out and buy one. I’m sure that these computers will be put to good use and much appreciated by those who use them.”

Each year, the CDB purchases a number of laptop computers to be used in administering the Annual Meeting of the Board of Governors.  The computers are sourced locally, contributing to the local economy, and are used in areas like the Internet  Café  and  in  the  Word  Processing  office  where  the  Governors’ statements are prepared.

It has become a CDB tradition that at the end of each Annual Meeting, the Bank donates these laptops to worthy organisations in the host country – such as non- governmental organisations and schools – as a way of expressing appreciation to the host country for its assistance with organizing and hosting the Annual Meeting.

The following 12 organisations were recipients of this year’s gift:

The 90 and 9 Outreach Ministries; Cayman Islands Basketball Association; Cayman Islands Conference of Seventh-Day Adventists Youth Program; Church of God Chapel Youth Program; Cays Foundation; Special Olympics Cayman Islands; Wesleyan Holiness Church, West Bay Youth Program; The Institute of Autism School of Good Faith; and The McKeeva Bush Foundation for Children and Elderly in Need.


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