May 10, 2021

Prejudice and pride

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DIDI-450x350From Caribbean IRN

A conversation on Facebook leads to a brutal attack on Akil Thomas in Trinidad & Tobago who said his belief in God kept him alive even as his attacker asked him first if he believed in God.

In Jamaica, it is reported that 25,000 God fearing Jamaicans said “NO TO THE HOMO AGENDA” In Guyana, the Chairman of the Inter-Religious Organisation, Pastor McGarell says ‘gays should go live on an island by themselves”, sentiments supported by the God fearing Junior Minister of Finance, Juan Edghill.

However, there have been responses to some of the beliefs. In Guyana, Swami Aksharananda rejects Pastor McGarrell’s assertions while veteran Trade Unionist Lincoln Lewis cautions that Guyana is not a theocracy.

In Barbados, Didi Winston protests her treatment at the Pricesmart, and the Barbados Nation writes about her story .   Reverend Clifford Hall responding to the criticisms of the reporting of Didi Winston’s story , writes about Didi Winston’s bravery and talks about respecting her right to her identity.

Newspapers published editorials about equal rights. In Jamaica, the Gleaner about “Bruce Golding’s waffle”, and Marriage Equality. In Guyana.. the Guyana Times spoke to LGBT as family and then shifted their position slightly calling for Equal Respect for the people who want gays on an island by themselves. Guyana’s Stabroek News also wrote on LGBT Rights.

The Barbados Nation becomes the first English speaking Caribbean newspaper to discuss their use of the appropriate pronouns to describe transgender persons stating that

“The issue of gender identity is new to us, and we have chosen to be guided in this instance by the AP manual, which states: “Transgender: Use the pronoun preferred by the individuals who have acquired the physical characteristics of the opposite sex or present themselves in a way that does not correspond with their sex at birth. If that preference is not expressed, use the pronoun consistent with the way the individuals live publicly. ”

​This, we believe, will for the moment take care of issues such as whether the person has legally changed his or her gender; whether local laws even make provision for a legal gender change; or whether the individual is in transition.

JFLAG publishes an Informational booklet on LGBT issues (at:

In Jamaica, a sex education curriculum for children’s homes is withdrawn – with suggestions of a police probe and apologies from the authors. The issue of young LGBT homeless persons reaches the attention of their MP Julian Robinson .

Another MP from the ruling PNP, Raymond Price suggests that the anti-sodomy laws are no longer relevant in Jamaica.

Dr Keon West writes about his research   to find out Why do so many Jamaicans hate Gay People.

St Lucia’s Kenita Placide joined other LGBT activists at World Pride in Canada. Other Caribbean Activists and supporters participate in the US State Department’s International Visitor Leadership’s Programme.

In Guyana, activists protest the treatment of LGBT by the court and in Bahamas, a recent division of property judgement indicates some progress in the recognition of same-sex relationships.

IMAGE: Didi Winston (Picture taken from Barbados Nation)

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