April 11, 2021

Powerful tactics that will help your travelling brand stand out

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In 2021 and beyond, you need more than just an awesome product to get the customers’ vote. Modern customers demand exceptional user experience and crave a strong relationship. This calls for building an authoritative brand presence.

Every brand is unique like every human being out there in this world. Your audience wants to hear the real story behind the image you present to the public. People won’t stick around if your brand is unengaging or flat. 

Crafting a brand is time-consuming but nothing is impossible if you have a thoughtful strategy in place. Ready to make your brand stand out? Tap into these powerful tactics:

1: Use Your Brand Voice

The quickest way of making your business stand out is to have a unique voice. It will attract more followers to your business and differentiate you from your competitors.

2: Be a Little Bold

Risk often leads to rewards. The boldest brands are never afraid to experiment with new tricks or speak up about controversial issues (within their industry). This might alienate a portion of your audience but the people who will stick around will be more loyal to you than ever. That’s all a brand needs! 

3: Consistency Is The Key

This sounds like a cliché, I know, but it’s true. If you are not consistent with your message and brand standards, you will lose followers.

To make people stay, give them a sense of predictability and familiarity. Lock down some basic brand standards from day one so that your branding team sticks to them at every cost.  

4: Offer Some Value

Brands that offer some value always shine. If you are selling a valuable product for half the price, people will start flocking to your store.

Most bands don’t have the flexibility to get this much competitive because it is highly costly, especially for a business that has just launched. Instead, you can offer value in terms of personalized customer service and informative content. Take Spectrum internet, for instance, The company is offering value by offering unlimited data and zero contracts to bind customers. Put a little thought into it and figure out how you are going to appeal to your customers.

5: Use High Standard Visuals

When marketing your brand, your creatives and graphics deliver a message too. The way you use colors, shapes, fonts, elements on the web page, product packaging, email campaigns, and other marketing material determines how the customers will perceive your brand.

Believe it or not, with strong visual branding, even a small company can demonstrate its power over a large company. Bad design, on the other hand, leaves a bad taste in the mouth of customers. It’s repelling ! 

6: Think In Terms of Experiences

A professional brand stems from the experience your customers have. What people say about you when they are done doing business with you also matters.

With simplicity, authenticity and a positive experience, you build a strong relationship with your audience and stand out, of course.

7: Contribute to a Cause

People love buying from a brand that supports a cause. A brand that gets in touch with the needs of its community automatically wins the trust of people.

Let’s say your brand contributes a portion of profit to individuals suffering from Down Syndrome or Autism. You will get the attention of people who want to support these causes. 

So, instead of slashing product prices to attract customers, add value to your brand by supporting a cause. And don’t just do it for marketing purposes, do it with heart.

8: Express Your Story in Branding 

Every company has a story. Branding experts recommend using your creation story to add a soul to your company. It will be your company’s DNA.

9: Don’t Forget to be Human

Your customers are human and they would relate to humans behind the company, right? The visuals, messages, and brand archetype – all these help establish a character. This will distinguish your brand in the marketplace.

10: Keep on Evolving Your Marketing Strategy

Now that you know the basics, don’t be afraid to tweak your marketing strategy to get people talking about your brand. Check what the big brands are doing and improvise.

Don’t give up until people recognize your brand what it truly represents.

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