June 16, 2021

Post early for Cayman Islands Christmas delivery

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The Postal Service is specifying a number of posting dates for persons to get mail to their loved ones and friends or for businesses in time for this Christmas.

The department’s notices about these services and also the specific extended opening hours for each of the 11 post office on the three islands have already been placed in each Post Office Box on all three islands; so PO Box users should have seen them when they picked up their mail.

The fastest method of sending an item with the postal service, including packages, is the EMS which is the department’s courier service. The last date one can use the EMS service to these destinations now to get in time for Christmas is as follows:

  • To Canada and USA – Wednesday, 13 December 2017;
  • To the Caribbean, UK and Western Europe – Tuesday 12 December 2017;
  • To all other countries – Monday, 11 December, 2015.

Air mail, which is the standard posting method for letters and lightweight items, is also available to most destinations for posting in time for Christmas, as follows:

  • To Canada and USA, the Caribbean, the UK and Western Europe – Thursday, 7 December 2017.

Air parcel service, the standard trackable method of posting items weighing 2 lbs. or more continues to be available but no longer in time for this Christmas.

Additionally, the latest recommended posting dates for local mail are:

  • Within Grand Cayman – Tuesday, 19 December 2017;
  • Grand Cayman to Sister Islands – Monday, 18 December 2017; and
  • Between Sister Islands – Wednesday, 20 December 2017.


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