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Positive trends continue for Cayman Islands air arrivals

cayman_airways_737_300_aGrand Cayman, Cayman Islands (4 Sept 2014) Once again, the statistical air arrivals data for July demonstrates that the Cayman Islands has welcomed a record number of visitors.

While all months besides February have been in line with this trend of marking the highest recorded arrivals in 14 years, the arrivals information released today confirms that July arrivals of 39,193 visitors shows a solid 15.69% increase year-over-year for the month. This is the second highest arrivals month in 2014, with March data showing 44,205 visitors.

The summer period, specifically June and July, has shown a year over year increase of 11.44% with 73,290 in 2014 compared to 65,768 in 2013. Data from the Immigration Department shows that there has been a steady increase in the number of families visiting the destination, which is in line with the Department of Tourism’s strategic integrated marketing plan specifically targeting this niche in recent years. The data shows that the US region alone delivered an additional 3,632 visitors over 2013 results.

“These numbers are wonderful and speak to the hard work of the Department of Tourism throughout the years in recognising the trends of family travel. They have consistently targeted this niche group and we are pleased to now be seeing the fruits of their labour in this regard,” commented Minister of Tourism, Hon. Moses Kirkconnell. “The DOT is tasked each year to increase visitation and has done an exceptional job, as demonstrated by the consistent trend of increases in air arrivals. We recognise that the partnerships they embark on with the private sector are also key to the continuing successes of our tourism market and we applaud those partners who support the destination by being part of the promotional efforts of the department.”

The DOT also works diligently to ensure that the Cayman Islands remains top of mind for those in our target markets. “Specific initiatives such as the street chalk art in the UK and the ice cream truck in New York help us to creatively impact messaging to our audiences,” shared Director of Tourism Mrs. Rosa Harris. “Both were creative ideas that positively impacted our potential visitors in unexpected ways, a tactic that further positions the Cayman Islands as the destination of choice for travellers seeking an idyllic Caribbean experience.”

President of the Cayman Islands Tourism Association Mr. Kenneth Hydes commented, “We are very encouraged by the stellar arrivals the Islands have enjoyed in 2014, and in recent years. Our members are pleased to be part of a number of collaborations and promotions with the DOT each year. These partnerships allow our private sector to showcase the strengths of our diverse industry such as our accommodations, attractions, water sports and dive offerings. We look forward to continued successes as we all endeavour to ensure exceptional vacations for the discerning guests who choose the Cayman Islands.”

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