September 23, 2020

Polynumial teaches you to count in over 50 languages


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polynumial+8.png polynumial+modes.png polynumial+themesBy Regina Lizik From TUAW

Polynumial, free with ads in the App Store for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, is a bare bones language app that focuses only on learning numbers. While the app itself doesn’t do a lot, it’s packed with 60 languages, which is far more than most language apps. Unfortunately, the variety of languages is all Polynumial has going for itself.

The app teaches you how to count in another language. You’ll also learn the proper spelling of those numbers. However, that’s all it teaches you. Other than dazzling your friends at parties, when is it practical to know only how to count in a foreign language? Numbers won’t help you hold a conversation when you are in another country.

Polynumial is extremely basic, so it’s easy to use. There are two different modes to help you learn the numbers. One is by entering the numbers via a number pad, which they call “calculator mode.” In this mode you can learn decimals and negative numbers. The “odometer mode” gives you a simple scroll option. Again, there is nothing revolutionary here.

There is a “drill mode” that tests your progress. This has a flashcard feel to it. You see a random number, guess how to say it and then tap the screen to see if you have guessed correctly.

Enabling Speak Selection on your device is crucial here. That’s the only way you will learn how to pronounce the numbers. There’s an obvious problem here in that Speak Selection doesn’t sound like an actual human. You miss out on the inflection and pronunciation quirks of some languages. It’s hard to categorize this as a feature of Polynumial because it does not function in any way that’s truly beneficial. Plus, it also does not work for all languages the app offers.

You can change the look of the app with one of the six themes, three of which are pictured above. None of them are particularly appealing. They only add to the overall boring feel.

There’s not much to this app, but I could see it having a benefit for kids. It could lay the groundwork for higher-level language learning. For adults, however, Polynumial ( offers little beyond novelty. You’re better off with Duolingo (

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