April 15, 2021

Plan Cayman

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Cayman Islands Department of Planning embarks on Development Plan review.

  • The department is seeking public input for the plan.


GRAND CAYMAN (GIS) – The Department of Planning is preparing to update the Development Plan for Grand Cayman and is seeking the public’s help.

Dubbed “Plan Cayman”, the Development Plan is a long-range, comprehensive strategy that provides guidance for the physical development and overall use of land on Grand Cayman.

“This process is one of the key tasks government has set out to accomplish, as part of our strategy for developing a strong economy for the Cayman Islands,” notes Hon. Joseph Hew, Minister for Planning.

“Our infrastructure has a direct impact on our businesses, communities and families; and to ensure it is sustainable in the future, we need the public to have its say”, adds the Minister.

To begin the process the department launched a dedicated website, www.plancayman.ky, in early October which served to educate the public on the purpose and structure of the Development Plan. Through the online platform, the public can find important documents, learn about upcoming events and provide their feedback.

The first document to be made available online for public input is the National Planning Framework. The document, which was drafted by the Central Planning Authority (CPA) under the mandate of the Development and Planning Law, sets out long-term goals for land use on the island.

It covers a number of areas of interest including land use, the natural environment, transportation, infrastructure, recreation and open spaces. In addition, the document builds on information gathered during previous public outreach programmes.

The planning department is consulting relevant public authorities and stakeholders, as well as engaging with the public, to ensure agreement on the approach of the plan.

“We want the public to be involved because this directly impacts the community,” notes Haroon Pandohie, Director of the Department of Planning.

“PlanCayman is an opportunity to guide the future of Grand Cayman. At this stage we want to know whether you think we are on the right track” Mr. Pandohie adds.

“I am very pleased to see the department moving forward with this project,” states CPA Chairman A.L. Thompson. “We are looking forward to hearing what the public has to say on the matter.”

In addition to using the dedicated website, the department also plans to interact with the community on social media, as a means of gaining feedback, by posting updates to the Government’s and Ministry of Planning’s social media pages.

Public feedback on the National Planning Framework will be taken until Monday, 28 January 2019.

The document will be revised based on feedback received from the public.  Following that, the department will begin preparing more detailed Area Plans for various parts of Grand Cayman, beginning with the Seven Mile Beach tourism corridor. The public will be invited to be involved in that process. The various documents will then be amalgamated to create the draft of the Development Plan.

“This is just the beginning of this process,” concludes Mr. Pandohie. “As we move forward, there will be more opportunities for the community to get involved and help shape the overall plan, and we encourage people to take advantage of this opportunity.”


Captions: (Photos Edlyn Ruiz, GIS)

  1. Minister Hew, flanked by the Central Planning Authority Chairman and Department of Planning Director, alongside members of the Central Planning Authority.


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