November 27, 2020

Pipped at the post

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iNews was first … well … except for the two Newlands 19-year-olds who slipped inside the brewery only moments before the newspaper’s Rolls-Royce pulled up at the front door, discharging a frantic driver.

First to shout “I love to bock on the Rock,” however, Michael Forman and Derrick Philips grabbed the prize, a case of Caybrew’s Ironshore Bock, which brewers produced for the first time yesterday morning in its brand-new bottles, minutes before the contest was launched.

“At 12:15, we put the message up on Facebook,” said brewery stalwart and retail administrator Amanda McLaughlin: A free case of Ironshore would go to the first person entering the building directly opposite the Seafarer’s Hall in Prospect, and shouting the deathless phrase.

“At 12:17,” she said, “they came in”, charging indoors from the parking lot.

“We were on our way to Smoothie King,” Mr Foreman told a parched iNews reporter.

“We were on the roundabout, coming from Newlands and I was on my Blackberry,” Mr Philips said. “We saw the message and said, ‘well, why not?’.

The flush of victory still upon them, and clutching celebratory glasses of Ironshore, freshly dispensed from the brewery’s showroom tap, neither of the pair could say what they would do with their winnings.

“Throw a party or drink it ourselves? We don’t know, We haven’t decided yet.”

No second prizes were offered.

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