October 21, 2021

Pinnacle Media announces two new healthcare publications

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David-and-Vicki-LeggeFrom Caymanian Compass

PHOTO: Publishers David and Vicki Legge –Caymanian Compass

With the imminent opening of Health City Cayman Islands, Caymanian Compass Publishers David and Vicki Legge announced today two new publications that will focus on healthcare excellence in the Cayman Islands – and beyond.

Cayman Health will be a high-quality magazine that will highlight Cayman’s emergence as a center for the delivery of pioneering healthcare services and industry best practices.

Its editorial content, said the Legges, will be of interest to those striving to “feel their best, look their best, and do their best – in other words, all of us!”

Its editorial advisory board will include the world’s most prominent physicians, respected researchers, and highly regarded innovators in the healthcare industry – the largest, fastest growing, and most dynamic field in the world today.

The Cayman Health Directory, a companion annual publication, will be the most complete compendium of health-care information ever assembled in the Cayman Islands, guiding readers to health practitioners and services available in Cayman and South Florida, and at medical facilities throughout the United States and North America.

The Directory will include topics of specific importance to residents of the Cayman Islands, including such vital information as securing air ambulance services on an emergency basis and even a first-aid primer prepared by internationally regarded physicians.

The Directory will be available – free – to everyone in the Cayman Islands, said the Legges.

In making their announcement, the Legges also paid tribute to Dr. Devi Shetty and Ascension Health, partners in Health City Cayman Islands which will open officially on Feb. 25.

“We believe, thanks in large measure to the vision of the partners and the principal movers of Health City, that our islands are about to enter a new era of healthcare innovation and economic prosperity.

“With Cayman Health magazine and the Cayman Health Directory, we at Pinnacle Media look forward to contributing to this exciting new industry.”

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