January 31, 2023

Pickles: The dog that found the stolen world cup

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World Cup Finals, 1966 England. London. 1st April, 1966. Pickles, the dog that found the Jules Rimet World Cup trophy on March 27th, after it had been stolen, is pictured wearing a medal which was presented to him as a reward by Lt. Col Roosemanlcocq.By The Retronaut From Mashable

LONDON — On the afternoon of Sunday, March 20, 1966, the World Cup trophy was stolen from central London where it was being exhibited. Despite the presence of two round-the-clock police officers in uniform, plus two more undercover officers during daylight hours, someone had managed to remove the Jules Rimet trophy from its display case while police officers were circuiting the exhibition hall.

pickles_Dog-1-640x498 pickles_Dog-2-640x581 pickles_Dog-4-640x502 pickles_Dog-5-640x448 PiclesThe gold-plated sterling silver and lapis lazuli trophy depicted the Greek goddess Nike, and was named after FIFA president Jules Rimet. It had been Rimet who, in 1929, had passed the vote initiating the first World Cup competition.

The day after the trophy’s theft, the Chairman of Britain’s Football Association received an anonymous ransom demand for £15,000. Police arranged a handover of a suitcase full of fake banknotes, only to find that the man they apprehended was a local petty thief and used-car salesman named Edward Bletchley and, as far as they could tell, a hoaxer. Bletchley claimed he was acting as a middleman for a criminal known only as “The Pole”, but this could not be confirmed.

One week after the theft, Pickles, a black-and-white Collie dog, sniffed out the missing trophy while out on a walk with his owner. The trophy was wrapped in old newspapers, tied with string, and hidden at the bottom of a garden hedge in South London.

Four months later, the World Cup tournament was held in London. England, the home team, won the cup, and Pickles was invited as guest of honor to the official team celebration banquet. The cup’s actual thief was never caught, although suspicion briefly alighted upon Pickles and his owner. Fortunately both owners and dog had an alibi.

Among other rewards, Pickles received a medal, was named “Dog of the Year” and given a year’s supply of food. His celebrity and earning power grew when he starred in the 1966 film “The Spy With the Cold Nose.”

Sadly within 12 months, Pickles was dead, choking on his leash in pursuit of a cat. His collar is on display in England’s National Soccer Museum.

In 1983, the trophy – awarded permanently to Brazil in 1970 after their third win – was stolen again, and to date has never been recovered. The current trophy is a replica.


Pickles, the dog poses for a photo after he found the Jules Rimet World Cup trophy on March 27th, after it had been stolen. IMAGE: ROLLS PRESS/POPPERFOTO/GETTY IMAGES


The World Cup trophy on show to the press, London, March 28, 1966.


Good Dog David Corbett with his dog, Pickles, who found the World Cup in his back garden. IMAGE: KEYSTONE/GETTY IMAGES

Pickles and Family Pickles poses with his family, the Corbetts. IMAGE: ROLLS PRESS/POPPERFOTO/GETTY IMAGES

World Cup Hero Pickles basks in the glory of his newfound fame.IMAGE: CENTRAL PRESS/GETTY IMAGES

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