October 22, 2020

Photo of the day: clear as can be Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman


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Black sand, white sand. Pink sand, no sand. Trees and shade, or shrub-filled sandy dunes. We all have our own particular preferences when it comes to beaches.

For some, resort facilities are a must, especially when traveling with little ones. For others, a beach just isn’t a beach unless it’s as barren an expanse of blessed paradise as possible.

Beach bars, parking and accessibility, water sports, lifeguards – there’s a lot to consider…

No matter what your prerequisites are for the land portion of your favorite style of beach, most agree that when it comes to the water one trait trumps all – clarity.

Whether fearful of not being able to see one’s toes (or what may be lurking close to them), or curious to check out what amazing natural treasures lay beneath the surface, most everyone wants cool, crystalline, aquarium-grade water along the lines of what’s pictured above.

I snapped the image mere moments after stepping into the gently lapping surf at world-famous Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman for the first time a couple years ago. It was just ahead of 10am, the early-morning sun rays creating an artfully cracked-glass effect amid the waves and shallow sea floor below.

gcm4Here, at this time of day, before any cruise-crowd invasion, Seven Mile Beach simply takes your breath away. Sweeping seascapes like these are one thing, but I just couldn’t get over the clarity of the water. It’s truly unbelievable, and certainly among the top things I miss about this special island.

Is it the clearest beach water I’ve ever seen? It’s debatable, especially considering I’ve been here, but Seven Mile Beach is still plenty good on my clear water scale.

How about you – what Caribbean beach would you rank #1 for clear water..?

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