February 22, 2020

Petition: Keep Marriage Definition in the Cayman Islands to remain between one man and one woman


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People-Intitiated Referendums


LGBT radical sex education curriculum being pushed in overseas public schools on 5-year old children

12 APR 2019 — 

QUOTED (0:58 through 7:46 in the video you can download at web link below):

“It’s called SOGI for Sexual Orientation and Gender Identification, a curriculum that teaches public school children across Canada to celebrate the homosexual lifestyle and that gender is fluid.

In other words, your gender is not dependent ono what parts you are born with, but rather what you feel like in the moment.”

Cayman, we need to fight every attempt to change our Biblical culture into a society where anything goes.

This radical social agenda is destructive and will not succeed in Cayman and we need your help!

If you are a Caymanian, please check the below Elections Office link to see if you are still a registered voter or if the Elections Office has removed your name off of the current official Electoral Register that they just updated last week 1st April 2019.


If your name is not found on the list, PLEASE REGISTER TO VOTE AGAIN AND SIGN THE PETITION!

Ask 10 registered voters to sign the online petition, or email us at [email protected] to get a copy of a paper petition, or get one from your pastor.

Tina Rbanks says : “It’s all true. The news report can be found at: cbnnews.com
It’s a chilling and demonic account of what’s taking place!

To watch video and sign petition go to: https://www.change.org/p/hon-alden-mclaughlin-keep-marriage-definition-in-the-cayman-islands-to-remain-between-one-man-and-one-woman/u/24420813?cs_tk=AhH1eM2KSR1pOBUOtVwAAXicyyvNyQEABF8BvONU4IuHTqbWyXyW9ZMt2io%3D&utm_campaign=cd7cf71d50514dc3ab4925241bcb5339&utm_medium=email&utm_source=petition_update&utm_term=cs

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