October 30, 2020

Peter Polack: Cayman Islands police and their discriminatory hiring practices


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Cayman police carsBy Peter Polack

RCIPS discriminatory hiring practices

An FOI reply to lawyer Peter Polack has revealed discriminatory hiring practices by the RCIPS in the hiring of UK officers.

In a FOI reply aptly made on April Fool’s Day the RCIPS revealed the following:

1. Two former UK constables were hired as Inspectors with the RCIPS.

2. A former Sergeant was hired as an Inspector.

3. A former Chief Inspector was hired as a Superintendent.

4. Two former investigators (rank undeclared) were hired as an Inspector.

5. The RCIPS declined to release the previous rank of Deputy Commissioner Steven Brougham and another Inspector.

Of the small number of UK senior officers above the rank of Inspector six were given promotion on employment with the RCIPS some advancing several grades in rank.

Deputy Commissioner Brougham was promoted when he joined the RCIPS having been a Chief Superintendent in his last post in the UK.

A massive 7 and possibly 8 UK officers for such a small group received promotion to senior posts with the RCIPS on recruitment representing a significant percentage of the leadership.

Polack commented that: “ I am not going to bother appealing the failure to release the prior rank for two of the UK officers. The Caymanian public can make their own determination at the ballot box in two years about the Premier and Minister of Home Affairs who sat astride these practices. The chickens have come home to roost with the crime wave and lack of confidence in the police force. Persons have obviously been promoted above their level of competence while homegrown strikers with proven ability to make goals sit on the bench. If this were a football team the coach would have to go.”

The amount of promoted other foreign hires is unknown.

EDITOR: Peter Polack is a Caymanian lawyer and columnist. The views contained in the above commentary are his and are not necessarily the views of iNews Cayman

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