June 21, 2021

Peter Binose: Are the ULP doing their best to steal the Elections at any price?

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Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 10.49.27 AMThe greatest theft of government property by a political party is taking place right now, and its being done in an underhand way that is little more than a sham. Some of the remarks uttered by Gonsalves after the Constitution Referendum will prove useful at some future point.

It’s not just the $23 million US dollars brought from Tankweld of Jamaica; it’s the whole stock of materials being stored at the Arnos Vale works depot. The amount being stolen by the Unity Labour Party and given away may well top $50 million US dollars. It is so obvious, the police can see what is going on and do nothing, the DPP can see what is going on and has done nothing, the Church leaders can see what is going on and some are sharing in the spoils.

In fact two policemen some days were controlling the flow of trucks in and out of the yard, they are actually aiding and abetting.

Here is how it works. The ULP representative in every constituency sends out runners to the known ULP supporter within the constituency to ask them to submit a list of galvanize lumber steel, bocks and cement that they require. In some cases they instruct the home owners to damage their property so as they can make it look like genuine claim. In at least one known and documented case a supporter in Boom Boom was told to pull down his whole perfectly good board house and submit a list to rebuild in blocks and cement. It’s not the government doing this it is a ULP party initiative with the blessing and instruction from the ULP government. The recipients are being told to tell a story that the homes were previously damaged by storm and tempest. What the government is putting forward as a cover story is that it is giving support to the poor who cannot afford to repair their damaged homes. But in most cases the recipients do not even need the materials they store or sell them on to others. I myself was offered a truck load of Galvanize at half the EC Mills price. The recipients are being told that they must vote for the ULP because if the NDP are elected they will come and take it all away from them. The scheme is not for any NDP supporter, anyone known to be an NDP supporter cannot get a thing, not even a nail in a brown paper bag.

On one day alone according to several counters and observers in CK Greaves car park and other positions, there were 523 truckloads of materials loaded and left the yard at Arnos Vale. Trucks at one time lining the pavement and road side beyond the airport. Vehicles carry stickers all over them declaring ‘WE ARE LABOUR’ and other such slogans, red flags of varying sizes strapped to fenders and trapped in windows. It is little more than blatant in your face thievery.

I sat outside the ULP office in Calliaqua and watched a line of people turn up in red T shirts to collect a document issued at that very ULP constituency office to take to their chosen transport to collect materials for them. One man showed me his certified order on green paper that was a huge list of materials, “go and get some man” he told me. “it’s free”. I have pictures and recordings of everything, even car license plate numbers; I will render them up after the elections. As a matter of fact the line for order forms at one time was so long that no one could find a parking place outside Miss Toni’s grocery store. As I mingled with the people I walked around the ULP constituency office yard and sat on the table with local red clad fanatics swigging free beers. I noticed there is a three inch sewage pipe coming from the rear of the office that ends up in the main road drain wherefrom when it rains it drains straight into the stagnant river which is ten feet away and ends up as floating excrement in the stagnant non flowing river at the fish market right where they clean and fillet the fish. Flies are landing on excrement and then landing on the unprotected fish and the wooden prep blocks. But I suppose that is OK because some of those may be royal floaters from prince Camillo the ULP representative and heir to the Gonsalves family dynasty, whose picture is plastered on the river walls.

Isn’t this bribery and voter fraud and an illegal act under the Representation of the Peoples Act? Sure it is but the ULP government thinks they are safe under the sham they have created. But let’s be sure if the NDP are elected there will be a forensic investigation and witnesses will be offered immunity of prosecution under the Queens Evidence Act [State Evidence], only the people who perpetrated the crime will be banged up not the ignorant and not so ignorant recipients.
There is a very informative article on I-Witness-News that should be read in conjunction with this.

Let there be no doubt this is the dirtiest filthy contrived government of all time and the leaders are directly to blame, every last one of them.

The constituencies such as East Kingstown and East and West Saint George are said to have been packed with illegally registered people who do not live in those constituencies and certainly not for six months. In east Kingstown alone it is estimated there are approaching 400 such registrations. It must be obvious to one and all that the registration officers must be in cahoots with the fraud. Because I doubt if any of those registered could prove they have lived there for six months by documentation other than dummy rent receipts arranged by you know who. The whole regime and its ministries are corrupt from top to bottom and are stealing the election at any cost and by any means.

The recently signed Christian Council code of conduct signed by Ralph Gonsalves to govern the election campaign has no value whatsoever and I expect the ULP copy to be seen flushed and floating in the river at Calliaqua. The comrade must have laughed himself to sleep the night he signed that.

Get yea behind me Satan and all your followers.

Peter Binose


EC$20,000 dollars reward offered for any information leading to a conviction of a person or persons regarding the Murder of Glen Jackson. All secrecy of contacts will be respected, no names will be passed to any authority or third party.
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