November 29, 2020

Pedro trespass warning

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Pedro signs installed to avoid more tragedy

Workers from the Public Works Department have completed fencing and warning signs to discourage cliff jumpers in the Pedro St James area, following a holiday week in which two youths drowned in Old Jones Bay.

Chief Inspector Robert Scotland at the Bodden Town Police Station told iNews Cayman earlier in the week he hoped the new wooden fence, between five feet and six feet high, and its “No Trespassing” sign would discourage thrill-seekers from using the pathways across private property to reach the cliffs.

On the afternoon of 26 December, 16-year-old Justin Henry died after leaping into unexpectedly strong currents in the storm-tossed bay, finding himself unable to reach the shore. On New Year’s Day, 21-year-old Adam Rankine, watched by his 15-year-old sister, ran into similar problems, drowning in the
same waters.

Responding to emergency calls, police were unable to rescue either boy, arriving only after the event.

Both families were devastated by the tragedies, and called for barriers to discourage other jumpers and prevent any repetition of the incidents.

The new gate is between 12 feet and 15 feet wide, blocking the dirt path and extending into the foliage, although Chief Inspector Scotland acknowledged that it could not stop anyone determined to gain access to the cliffs.

He said: “We took possession of the keys just yesterday. It is not perfect but It serves as a reminder to people that it is private property.”

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