September 21, 2020

Paul Colley wins two awards for Cayman Islands Kittiwake picture


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Paul Colley, whose photo of the USS Kittiwake wreck in the Cayman Islands won the latest round of UK’s The Telegraph’s Big Picture Competition also took an award in’s competition.

Under the title “Stunning images of the ocean floor revealed by underwater photography” here is the main story.

Sharp images from the depths of the sea are among the winners selected by a major underwater photography competition.

A fangtooth moray eel shows its bite, a sunken wreck anchored to the deep and a black cab in a watery grave.

These are among the winners from 12,000 entries submitted to one of the world’s biggest underwater photography competitions.

And some of the top prizes in the’s contest have gone to British photographers.
They include Nick Blake, who won first prize in the freshwater category for the taxi under Wraysbury Lake near Heathrow airport.

Paul Colley also took an award for his image of the sunken USS Kittiwake in the Cayman Islands.

Website spokesman Benny Sutton said the competition shows ‘the true diversity of aquatic environments from all over the globe’.
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