September 18, 2020

Parrish company creating ice bar for Grand Cayman


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ice-shell-sculptureBy Summer Smith, Reporter Bay News 9

PARRISH — When you think of Florida, the last thing that probably comes to mind is cool air and ice.

But that’s exactly what a Manatee County company relies on for business.

And now Ice Pro, located in Parrish, is taking their ice work on the road, thousands of miles away.

“We’re actually in the process of freezing all the products to create a bar to go inside of an ice bar in Grand Cayman,” said Joe Rimer, owner of Ice Pro.

Rimer said he’s using shells, coral, fish and other items from a wholesale shell distributor in Ellenton and freezing the products.

The decorative ice blocks will then be used to make a large bar for a new bar, called the Minus 5 Ice Bar Cayman Islands.

“At the port where the cruise ships get in, it will be in a spot where they go in and get cocktails, into a freezer, in a tropical setting and check out a cool ice instillation,” said Rimer.

It’s a cool job that Rimer said takes a lot of work.

“It’s a massive job, so it’s thousands and thousands of hours going into it,” said Rimer.

Once everything is ready to go, the ice will be shipped to the Grand Cayman where Rimer and his team will meet to put everything together. Rimer said once they get there, their timing will be crucial.

“You have to make sure your timing is down to not only days but hours, especially ice, because if it’s not pulled together in a timely fashion it’s not ice, it’s water,” said Rimer.

Rimer said there are no do-overs. So, until delivery day, he and his crew will be working hard to make sure everything turns out perfectly.

The ice is expected to be shipped out late October or early November. The bar will be similar to the Ice bars found in Orlando. ermission of Bright House Networks.

IMAGE: This is a picture of an ice bar Joe Rimer made for another bar in Orlando. This is what the bar he is working on for the Grand Cayman bar will look like. (Photo courtesy: Joe Rimer at Ice Pro)

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