January 31, 2023

Parents of Queens woman killed on island of Jamaica search the scene of her death for clues

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MONTEGO BAY, Jamaica — The parents of a vibrant woman from Queens are spending the week after her death searching for clues on the island of Jamaica where her bruised body was found with a slashed throat on a rural road over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

Desiree Gibbon, a 26-year-old former beauty contestant who grew up in Hollis and planned to attend film school, was found dead with a slashed throat; bruises to her hands, thighs, upper and lower torso; and fully clothed, despite one shoe, the NY Daily News reports. Her cellphone was also missing.

A week after her body was discovered on a rural road in Jamaica, where the Daily News reports she was scouting musicians for a friend’s record label and possibly looking for work, Gibbon’s parents flew to the island on Saturday to search for clues.

“I’m just lost. I’m on auto pilot — going through the motions. Completely numb,” mother Andrea Cali-Gibbon told the Daily News.

A “number of people” have been questioned in the killing, but no arrests have been made, Cali-Gibbon said she has been told by local police.

Gibbon likely knew her killer, and detectives are looking for a man known as “Rasta,” local police told the newspaper.

The woman’s parents and boyfriend agree that someone she knew must be responsible.

“Somebody who knows this terrain would have used it,” father Gairy Gibbon said.

Gibbon had issues with new friends she made on the trip, boyfriend Phil Rodriguez previously said.

“I wouldn’t be surprised at all if she made what she thought was friends but they were actually plotting against her,” he told the newspaper.

Gibbon’s autopsy is scheduled for Tuesday, then her parents hope to bring her body back to NYC. A GoFundMe has so far raised more than $32,000 for her funeral.

Desiree Gibbon’s father searches the remote area where her body was found on the island of Jamaica on Thanksgiving weekend 2017. (Family)

For more on this story go to: http://pix11.com/2017/12/04/devastated-queens-parents-search-rural-caribbean-island-road-where-daughter-was-found-dead-with-slashed-throat/

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