September 29, 2020

Paralysed man killed in his bed


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Kerwyn ScottBy Jensen La Vende From The T&T Guardian

Two months after he was shot several times leaving him paralysed, a Diego Martin man was yesterday killed by men who police say wore police and regiment clothing.

According to police reports, around 3.35 am yesterday 36-year-old Kerwyn Scott was at his home at Field Trace, Blue Basin Road, when three gunmen came in and shot him while he was on his bed.

Police said the gunmen told Scott “we ketch yuh” before opening fire.

Scott’s killing pushed the murder toll to 20 up to late yesterday.

Scott, police said, was killed for one of two reasons—to silence him as the main witness in the attempt on his life last year—or to ensure he was dead after the first attempt failed.

Speaking with the media at the Forensic Science Centre, St James, yesterday three female relatives of Scott said his killing has left the family without a patriarch.

The women, who asked not to be identified, fearing they will be targeted by Scott’s killers, said he was a outspoken man who might have been killed because of it.

The women said Scott, a father of three, never changed his outspokenness even after he was left in a paraplegic state.

They added that Scott would come across as rough to some but it was not, as “deep down he meant well.” The women said his killing was a result of the bad company he kept.

Speaking at the murder scene Scott’s girlfriend, Tishan John-Baptist, questioned how the killers were able to access law enforcement uniforms.

“The gunmen run in the yard bawling ‘Police!’ They came in our side and that’s where they did it. Thank the Lord nothing happen to me. Their faces were covered.

“They had on army and police clothes. The police simply said gang related so I don’t expect much but I hope the people and them who do it give up themselves. Please stop the war,” she said.

Sgt Elvin of the Region One Homicide Bureau is spearheading investigations. JLV

IMAGE: Kerwyn Scott
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