November 26, 2020

Pakistan actress sues over nude magazine photos

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NEW DELHI (AP) — Pakistani actress Veena Malik is suing a popular Indian men’s magazine for millions of dollars, accusing it of publishing photos she says were doctored to make her appear nude, her lawyer said Monday.

Malik’s racy images in the December issue of FHM India has triggered a fury across her conservative Islamic country, with one cleric calling them a “shame for all Muslims.”

The photo essay appears to make light of the military rivalry between India and Pakistan, nuclear-armed neighbors who have fought three wars.

In the magazine’s cover photo, Malik is shown wearing no clothing, but with her arms and legs discreetly positioned to keep her covered. She has the letters ISI stenciled on her arm, representing Pakistan’s powerful spy agency, the Inter-Services Intelligence agency.

In a second photo, she is lying on a camouflage military helmet and in a third she is wearing what appears to be a green ammunition belt and pretending to pull the pin out of a grenade with her teeth. She appears to be topless in those images.

Malik’s lawyer, Ayaz Bilawala, denied the nude cover photo was authentic and said Malik was wearing underwear throughout the entire shoot.

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