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Pa. school district backs off on skinny jeans ban

CATASAUQUA, Pa. (AP) — Students in a Pennsylvania school district have gotten approval to remain fashion forward.

The Morning Call of Allentown reports that Catasauqua Area School District approved a revised dress code this week. It allows students to wear so-called skinny jeans.

The tight-fitting jeans had been banned under an earlier dress code. But parents complained they were having a hard time finding jeans that wouldn’t be banned under the district’s definition.

Board member Patricia Snyder tells The Morning Call the district was trying to prevent students from wearing suggestive clothing. But ultimately the district determined jeans could be skinny but still appropriate.

The board also gave in to requests to back off a ban on hooded sweat shirts. Low-cut tops, leggings and ripped pants are still barred.


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