September 26, 2020

OSEI is one real solution for oil spills


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By Bill Roncall

OSEI has the best solution for . We can clean any soil regardless how deep it is. We also clean aquifers and spills on water. We can even clean the spills on parking lots that stay there forever usually.

We have cleaned over 40,000 spills in 80 countries. We have 48 distributors worldwide. Our biggest customer is the US government. BP now uses our product along with Shell who is cleaning up their 500,000 acre spill in Nigeria. Chevron, Amoco and Texaco are all using our product for Oil Spill Response. The US NAVY and Coast Guard use our product to turn waste oils in their bilge on ships into non-potable water before sending it to sea.

I am currently looking to find contacts within your government and local companies to introduce our product for oil spills and other spills at the Cayman Islands.

There is a real solution for cleaning hydrocarbon spills. I just wanted your public viewers to know there is a real solution. I saw some oil spills in your reports.

Oil on

Actual Cleanup on Soil and Water

Actual Sludge Cleanup Video

(22 Minutes) – Soil, Equipment and Hard Surface Cleanup

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